The Ideas

Studio da Criança values the creativity, in an autonomous context, from the experiences and from building concepts formulated by the children themselves and by the educators.

The educational proposal is based on and developed according to the constructivism theory (social interaction), in which the group is a result of what is learnt. The child is given the opportunity to perceive his/her abilities and to acquire new references from another person through observation, reflection and action.

In early childhood education, specifically, body knowledge and domain must be taken into account, as well as the different forms of communication and expression, the required change of environment, the playful and countless possibilities to use the imagination and to think based on what is real for the children.

At Studio da Criança, the areas are large spaces for playing, discovering, working with the body, always issuing them a rehumanizing function, in which the self-relationship is nurtured and deepened to overcome the difficulties and to narrow the ties of cooperation.

Studio da Criança values the interpersonal relationships among children with different abilities and welcomes them through inclusive education. Here, all children have the privilege of being together, sharing and interacting with respect and receiving the incentives required for their development.