Care Provided

Nutrition: the food education is also a part of the daily routine of Studio da Criança. At mealtime, the dishes are prepared by the teachers in the presence of the students, so they can visualize and identify the food items. Autonomy is also one of the goals of this work. Therefore, our meals take place inside the classroom, in contact with the teachers and the assistants. Our nutritionist is responsible for the menu preparation and also for promoting children awareness of a healthier nutrition. The meals are made by a specialized team in the school kitchen. The meals are offered four times a day: breakfast (until 7:50 am), lunch (11 am), afternoon snack (2 pm) and dinner (5 pm).

Hygiene: In the daily routine, the hygiene time demands a lot of attention from the teachers. Little by little, as children grow up, they have the opportunity to develop autonomy and initiative to do these routine activities under the assistants’ supervision. All the children who stay at school for 6 hours or more have a bath. We believe that the children who are stopping to use diapers should follow another type of procedure. Our school has a contracted bath towel system, so kids do not need to bring towels in the backpack.