Seriousness, commitment and quality are the values that make the difference at Creche Escola Bilingue Studio da Criança. Our institution prioritizes every detail in the education of children between 3 months old and 6 years old, making us experts in this important stage of child development. Studio da Criança’s educational proposal values research and curiosity and encourages children to observe, argue and create. We offer different possibilities that help forming creative, independent children, with a critical mind and capable of changing their environment, within an affectivity-based process.

We propose practices that value the development of each child’s potential, in and outside the classroom. Thus, the day-care center/school has different environments: an ecological space with exotic animals and pets; a vegetable garden with an area for experiments, composting and planting; a computer lab; covered and open school yards; an indoor heated swimming pool with ozonated water; a ball pool, a sports court and multimedia rooms. We offer activities that contribute to child’s development: swimming lessons, judo, drama classes, ballet, capoeira, psychomotricity, sound workshop, rhythm and movement, computer classes and environment sciences, all monitored by specialized teachers.

Through a daily bilingual education, children have contact with the English language since early age. From 3 months old on, children participate in immersion English classes.

As we value the qualifications and potential of each child, every six months, the technical staff meets individually with the parents. We also hold meetings with the groups and experts in child development.

While parents are out of the school environment, they can follow daily their babies through the internet. The online broadcasting is exclusive for the Nursery through the Day care/school website.

We offer various services to provide families convenience, safety and well being. Among these, the school has its own fully legalized transportation. Drivers and assistants are school employees and receive specific training regarding their job duties.

One of our mottos is “here we take care of who takes care of your child”. Therefore, the daycare/school counts on many differentials to also take care of our staff’s well being, in and out of the school environment. One of them is an entire floor at one of the school buildings, which is fully dedicated to the employees, where they can get together and which includes: a leisure room (with TV, DVD, computers, treadmills and massage aparatus), a rest area, a dinning room (wih stove, refrigerator, TV and radio) and a bathroom. Also, all rooms have air conditioners and are areas where the staff have some time to rest and relax during their breaks.