Studio at home

This is the project proposed by Studio da Criança to those who are in the second segment of Elementary School (2nd to 5th grade). It works as a complementary educational service, in which children count with a supporting structure to study, do their homework and research. Studio da Criança´s bilingual proposal is maintained and kids have daily English classes.

At Studio at Home, we demonstrate the importance of reading a good book, a newspaper article and of doing research from different sources, including the internet.

A very special routine is established for meal and bath times, as well as for using the school transportation. And, of course, this routine also includes time to rest, enjoy the excitement of leisure and playing games.


The main purpose is to make parents daily routine easier and more convenient and help children’s development at the Elementary School Education:

•    Provide support to the student to complete the daily tasks from the student’s school;
•    Teach the student how to think, get organize, study, research (magazines, books, Internet, etc.);
•    Teach the student how to use an agenda, including organizing his/her different daily and weekly tasks;
•    Offer time for resting and leisure (with games, supervised use of the computer, videos, etc.) with group interaction;
•    Encourage children to read children youth literature;
•    Subsidize research projects from the student’s reference school, including arranging interviews with specialists and guided tours (field trips);
•    Encourage the student to develop and organize researches and studies of his/her own interest;
•    Maintain the bilingual school proposal and clear any doubts on the English class activities from the reference school;
•    Bring about differentiated ideas to promote sport activities and environmental protection;
•    Teach how to use audio-visual resources when doing their tasks;
•    Hold discussions, do readings and individual or group studies that keep the students updated about current and important issues in the world;
•    Make different computer programs accessible to the students, focusing on text editors, spreadsheets, power point slides, among othes;

All this is done taking the child’s day into account, thus avoiding the accumulation of activities, and also taking it easy and accomodating rest and relaxation time.


•    SAMES, with a pediatrician routine visit to Studio da Criança
•    Nutritionist
•    Psychologist
•    Educational Supervisor
•    Class advisor teacher
•    English teacher
•    Computer technology teacher

Spaces and resources

  • •    Individual and group desks and tables;
    •    Balcony for relaxation moments;
    •    Portable white board;
    •    A panel for each child to customize his/her daily routine, give his/her opinion, etc.
    •    Areas for sports, artworks, games, etc.;
    •    Library with teaching books, children-youth literature, encyclopedias and periodicals;
    •    Room with audio-visual resources (video camera, camera, etc.)
    •    Individual lockers where the child can store his/her own personal belongings, books, etc.
    •    Personal appointment book with the activities that wil be done during the day.