Support for parents and for those responsible for the children

We believe that the work with children so young should be done in close partnership with the families. It is a special moment for everyone: parents, relatives, school and, particularly, for the child. Thus, nothing better than count on a staff that is ready to hear about the child and also share our many years of experience with kids at this age group.

Besides the class teachers and assistants, who pay close attention to the children, informing child’s daily routine and goals achieved in the child’s appointment book, in formal meetings and in biannual reports, families also have a multidisciplinary staff qualified in children education available to clear doubts, share experiences, take on board criticism, and so on.

A Nutritionist, psychologists, Educational Supervisors and Coordinators are part of the school daily routine to provide this support to parents and teachers and assistants who deal with the children.

We also schedule meetings to discuss specific moments of the child’s development, making it easier for parents to understand each new phase and promoting a good transition for the children (when babies stop using diapers, change from nursery to toddlers, stop bottle feeding and using a pacifier, among others).

Studio da Criança Management follows all the work since they are at school, daily. In the same way that we do not schedule visits for those who want to get to know the school, parents whose children are already enrolled at school have an open and straightforward channel with Management, because we understand the importance of this link with the families.