Environmental Science 

Weekly, a Biologist teaches Environmental Science at Studio da Criança. This class focus on the inquisitive nature and curiosity of our children as they take care of the vegetable garden, animals and do experiments.
The Ecological Space offers kids an excellent opportunity to become environmentally conscious and active citizens. At this area, classes get in touch with different animals such as: tegu, boa constrictor, python, chinchilla, rabbits, quails, crustaceans, frogs, among others.
Similarly, at the Vegetable Garden, children follow the plants growth and changes and learn about the care plants require. Children also observe smalls animals such as ants, earthwarms, ladybugs, and exchange ideas with the teachers about the work and how it is organized. This environment also includes a “Plant Nursery” for seedling and an “Enviromental Experiments Place” with a wormery and a terrarium for ecosystem observation.