Bilingual education at Studio da Criança has its basis on the natural approach theory of a second language. This process takes place with the interaction of the social environment in which the child is inserted by the formulation of hypothesis and assumption of rules that govern the way the language works.

Children are exposed to the English language through activities integrated with the political-educational project of Studio da Criança, where a specialized team, comprised only by bilingual teachers, communicates in English; creating stories, playing, practicing sports, watching movies, singing, dancing, acting, and finding out what the world has to offer them, these always in a warm, full of affection environment.

At this stage of Childhood Education, children are highly motivated and willing to learn a second language with interest and merriment. The need to communicate, in order to feel integrated and participate in the activities, leads the children to increase their interest in understanding and expressing themselves in another language.

Studio da Criança believes in the natural assimilation, since language learning develops more easily when inserted in social contexts and involved in real communication situations. The proposal of daily exposure to English is essential to the process, creating a greater opportunity and a better receptivity in the learning process of a second language.